Friday, September 28, 2012

New Blog!

Since I am no longer the lovely Ashly Blackburn I created a new blog because I am now the even more lovely Ashly Zackrison :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Isn't summer the best??

So my little sister Kris-10 started blogging. She has inspired me to blog on this hot afternoon. She has a cute 'lil babe so she has a lot more to post about then I do. Not. So I am playing Ketchup!

Lets see here.. Last time I posted was... about March.

How awful was winter? Way awful. I am so happy it is summer. Do you what is best about summer? No school. Oh wait, I've been off track for the past 2 years. But Romney graduated from the University of Utah! Boo-yah! We are both pretty stoked about it. He got his Bachelor's Degree in International Studies. So basically we'll be traveling a lot! (ha! right.) He is in the Airforce and goes active duty this summer. He was suppose to go to bootcamp yesterday (thank heavens he didn't) but it got postponed until the end of July. His camp is somewhere near San Antonio. (good luck with the heat and humidity suga pants!) During that time I will be back home with my parents and then Romney will get stationed somewhere and we will be reunited once again. At least we think so... Who knows what happens when you are apart of the military. All I know is I am pumped to move! It will be an awesome adventure and its not forever. Its gonna be gr8.

Romney and I recently went back to NY for the wedding of one of my best friends Amanda Lin. Well technically she was already married. Her and Wadi got sealed in the Manhattan temple in February! So in June it was just a big party. I was one of the lucky girls that got to be a bridesmaid. I even got to dance IN the wedding. Beat that. Youtube if you don't believe me. It was a great day!

We did lots of fun stuff in the big apple. We were there for a week and that was wayyyy too short. When it comes to New York, there is never enough time to see and do what you want. Crap, I lived there for 2 years and I still wish I would have went and done more while I was there. New York is da bomb. A few things we did include:
  • Eating Magnolia cupcakes everyday for Breakfast
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Hitting up 4 too many comic book stores (Romney)
  • Top of the Rock
  • Mets game (always)
  • Central Park
  • Gaining 5 pounds!
It was a great week!! We love NY and will one day move there.

Romney and I live in the worlds hottest apartment. The walls are made out of brick so it looks like we live in a jail cell. We even have bars on our doors. We had to move our mattress into the family room area where the airconditioner is.. so if you come to visit.. Don't mind us.

N-E-way.. I'm off to be crafty with my mom! Wish me luck!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Who knew 2 was better than 1?

So the post I just posted should be hooked onto this one.. but when I see a post that long, I don't read it. So thats why I split it up.

N-E-way... Romney and I have been married for just over 3 months. It has been the most fun 3 months ever!! I honestly thought I would get sick of someone after being around them 24/7 but love is actually fun, and to be cheesy.. It just gets better and better everyday! As the great Easton Corbin would say "We're having such a good time together and it's only just begun. My heart's never smiled so hard.. Baby, loving you is fun". Speaking of Easton Corbin.. I, Romney, my sister Jana Lyn and her husband Cole all went to Wendover to see Easton Corbin in concert. Jana Lyn and I had been waiting for this day for a long time. We made the trek out there and pull up the Peppermill Concert hall at approximately 7:05 MST. The concert starts at 8:00. So Cole goes to pick up the tickets and we have a little less than an hour to eat. While we are deciding where we want to eat, I look at my phone and notice it says 6:05. I say "What time is it you guys?" We all look at our phones and they all say 6:05.. YES! With being in another state they are on Pacific time, so we have 2 hours to eat! Yes, we can go to one of those gross buffets for dinner! Somehow we find this mexican restaurant in one of the Casinos. We eat there, take our time looking at all the white trash losing their money. At this point its about 7:45 pacific time. Which makes sense because we are in Nevada. So we drive back over to the Concert Hall. As we're walking in.. we're all making jokes about how funny it would be if the concert went off Utah time, and we were an hour late. But good thing we're in Nevada going off Nevada time. (Becasue nobody would be that dumb) We walk into the building and we can hear Easton Corbin singing so Jana Lyn and I look at each other with a panicked look and walk a little faster, then faster, and faster.(We should have just ran). We reach the doors to see Easton Corbin up on stage and look down to see on our tickets that Easton Corbin performs at Peppermill Concert Hall at 8:00pm MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME. MOTHER-FATHER. We were pissed. Romney was relieved because he hates country music. We sit down and Jana Lyn asks the guy next to her what time Easton came on and he told us we missed all the good songs. So basically Jana Lyn told the guy next to us that we were a bunch of idiots. Anyway there was drunk people all over the place and Jana Lyn was dancing and singing and fit in with them.. more than you would want to. Easton Corbin was a fantastic performer for the whole 45 minutes that we saw him. We still enjoyed ourselves but still cussed ourselves for not looking at the freaking tickets. We pretty much laughed the whole way home because of how dumb we were. Moral to the story--check your ticket before you go to dinner.

Due to popular request...

Due to a number of requests that I "update" my blog... here I am. I mean who knew I had so many fans?? A whole freaking lot has happened since I last blogged. I got engaged, I got married, I got pregnant.. Psyke on the last one. But for real on the other two! I got engaged to the great Romney Zackrison on October 15th and married him on December 15th. What a great and patient man that guy is. We met in December of 2010 on a blind date, thanks to my friend Sharli. She introduced us while I was home for Christmas break and right away I knew I liked this boy. We all went to dinner and a movie after the date when he walked me to the door (in my case garage because as long as I can remember we've never had a key to unlock our front door...ANNOYING) we were talking for a while and then Romney said "I had a great time", and I said "So did I! Wanna hang out tomorrow or the next day or both? Because I leave back to New York on Sunday". I think that kinda freaked him out but hey, he got my number and guess what? I saw him BOTH days. There is nothing wrong with being a lotta forward. Anyway.. to make a long story short.. He came to visit in New York 2 weeks later. We became "official". Then I came to visit Utah 5 weeks later (tore my ACL) and me being a dumb girlfriend broke up with him. We still talked/skyped every night. I came home to Utah again in April went to a fancy Airforce dinner with him. I still really liked him but was still really stupid and didn't get back together with him. He came to visit NY in June and that was wayyy fun! But the whole long distance thing wasn't really working out for me. So I told him we shouldn't talk anymore. So we didn't talk until his birthday in late June and still didn't talk in July. I moved back home in July. Didn't even tell him I was home. He found out from a friend (Am I the biggest B ever or what?!) Then he called me. We saw each other... I didn't think I had feelings for him anymore. Hung out for a couple weeks and then told him I was going on a mission. (This was my way of breaking up with him) But he just wouldn't have it. And I just thought to myself.. how am I ever going to get rid of him? Then one night I finally just told him we needed to break up. Cried (loser move) and we didn't see each other for 2 weeks. I wanted to go see a movie with him and my friend (his sister in law and brother) but Romney wasn't home (which Romney was always home). I was bugged. So a couple night later I text him, he didn't text me back (which he always did) I figured he was busy.. So like a creeper I went to my cousins house and on the way home I did a drive by to his house. His car was NOT home. WTF, Romney, WTF? You're suppose to be home crying and missing me. I had text him that night and he finally text me back around 1:30 am. Told me some great news so we (I) thought we should celebrate! So we went to dinner that next week. Still knew I had feelings for him. After dinner I asked him if he wanted to go on a walk. I assumed he had no plans so started driving and he was like "Ummmm I'm suppose to call someone ( I knew it was a girl.. I have my connections) So I pulled over and let him call her. And he did! As soon as he got out of the car I was just pissed. He got back in the car and I turned that Toyota right around and took him home. You do not call another girl when you are with me. So I took him home and gave him a late birthday present and hugged him. It was a long hug. Then he went into kiss me but pulled away. (Dammit I thought) but then he did it again and followed through and kissed me! And ever since that night.. our relationship has been great! Although he still dated that girl for a couple weeks and I had to beg for his love. Seriously.

Anyway.. Thats our dating in a nutshell. I was crazy, he was patient and in the end... we both won! And now we are married and 2 is better than 1.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Who knew crutches could be so fun?

Okay crutches themselves are not fun. But when people ask you "What happened".. thats when the fun begins. People will ususally believe anything you tell them so its fun to make up stories of what happened to my leg and why I am on crutches. My favorite story to tell people was I was rock climbing and I fell 75 feet. That is all I have to say, I don't even finish my story and they believe me. Their reactions are great. Okay really? How realistc is that. Not very. (At least I hope not.. or I'm never going rock climbing again) But lying to people you don't personally know is pretty fun. They probably think I'm way cool and do fun stuff. Little do they know that I just fell skiing. But who doesn't love a good story?!

I went to the Doctor about a week and half ago and he told me I didn't have to use crutches anymore so I GLADLY got rid of them. But my Phyiscal Therapist told me I still need to use them. (I know... they should really get on the same page) And since I go to Physical Therapy twice a week I pretend I still use my crutches. Really my crutches are sitting in my car for when I go to therapy and I walk into physical therapy with them and tell my therapist that I still use them. Probably not the best idea.. but my knee and its exercises are coming along very well so it all works out. I'm happy I'm not using crutches and my therapist is happy I'm still using them. Wait what?

But since I don't use my crutches I got cursed with the post-surgery itch. No joke. My legs and arms itch all the time. I wake up in the middle of the night itching like crazy. I have bruises to prove it. The post-surgery condition probably doesn't exist. But Karma is a ...... So don't lie to your physical therapist. And if you do.. buy some Cortizone cream, that helps a lot.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Torn ACL part 2!

I know all of you have been looking forward to the sequel of my torn ACL... so here it is. I had my surgery just over 2 weeks ago and boy was I excited for this surgery! (No exaggeration) Because everywhere I went I had the fear of my leg giving out on me. Whether it was going down the stairs, walking in heels, pivoting my foot, just about anything but walking in a straight line would make my knee give out. Not a fun feeling. Ha.. funny story: For my birthday the Capio's, Catherine, Susan and I went to go see a Mets game and Nicholas (5 yrs old) and I went to the concession stand to meet my friends (Cat and Susan) to come sit by us. (Their seats were a couple sections behind us) so Nico and I were just playing up there while we were waiting and my leg gave out on me and I toppled onto poor little Nico. The kid had no idea what was going on. Catherine and Susan thought I tripped over Nicholas but no, my awesome right knee likes to give out on me. Usually in this sort of situation I would get completely embarassed. But luckily for me... I'm not that way anymore ha. One of the security people saw me fall and ran to my rescue! He asked if I was okay and if I wanted a wheel chair. I kindly replied no thanks.. my knee does it all the time. So we all laughed and I limped back down to our seats. Happy Birthday Ashly. Go Mets!

Anyway.. back to surgery. I got my ACL replaced on a Friday so I had the weekend to be a little crazy on painpills and recover somewhat. My mom wouldn't let me go to church that Sunday, which I was totally willing to go to.. but she said Heavenly Father would understand that I couldn't go. When in reality.. we just got a new ward and she didn't want to be embarrased by her crazy daughter that was on crutches and painpills to make her look bad. I mean come on.. she's gotta make a good first impression to the new ward members. But I certainly didn't fight that fight and argue with her. I stayed home and read my scriptures all day. I pick my battles.

I have to be on crutches for 4 weeks after surgery. Little did I know that the pain from an ACL repair would keep me on some pain killers for a couple weeks. So I've been a little crazy the past couple weeks and there are people that can attest to that. Namely: Cole Ferrin, Jana Ferrin, Kristen Rupe, Conrad Rupe, Jenna Hyer, my parents and a few others who have asked me not to share their names. (Not really... I just can't remember who I have talked to and who I haven't in the past 2 weeks) So now my days consist of sleeping in, watching tv, having people wait on me, pushing me in wheelchairs when we go shopping. Yeah.. I'd say I'm living the life. EXCEPT for the fact that I have to hobble to my bed in the dark every night and that Utah decides to re-surface our street so we have to park at the church. So if I want to go anywhere.. I have to crutch to the church across 2700w and look like a fool. So if any of you are driving on there.. please don't hit me, and feel free to give me a ride to me car. Thanks.

Gifts and visitors are still welcome to come visit.

Back in Utah

As most of you know I am back home in the great state of Utah. Being home has actually been pretty great. The first time I moved home after New York I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I just missed New York! (What can I say? I love it there) So coming home this time, I was expecting the same feelings. But luckily, when I came home I had things to look forward to. For example: My little sister getting married, seeing my family and friends, surgery (yes I was excited) and to just be in the Salt Lake Valley. Funny the things you miss when you don't live in Utah. I missed people saying "Yeah just off of Redwood", or "down by the point of the mountain", just little saying like that, that you couldn't say anywhere else.

Now that things have calmed down a little bit, I'm starting to realize I miss New York, more and more every day. There is no place like New York City. Its just great and I love it. But... Utah is great too!!

Ashly <3 NYC.